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Hua Hin History
Since The Southern Railroad was constructed to give people opportunities to travel overland all the way to the Malaysian border, the beach of Hua Hin has enjoyed a solid reputation as "the famous seaside resort of Siam" where visitors could enjoy swimming, fishing, and golfing on the country's first standard course (Hua Hin Royal Golf Course) during the weekends.
Hua Hin's rise came with the opening of the Railway Hotel (Hotel Sofitel Central), after the Southern line was completed. It was an elegant Victorian structure on the shore with vast rooms, private verandah, fancy fretwork decoration and wickerwork chairs in the lounge. Soon afterwards a first complex of bungalows (Central Hua Hin Village) was built together with a Victorian-style gazebo on a scenic group of rocks near Hua Hin Village, and this place, later, was selected as a venue in the film "The Devil's Paradise", as well as the Railway Hotel, which portrayed Phnom Penh's leading hotel in the hectic days just before that city's fall in the film "The Killing Fields".
Nowadays, among the development of the world, Hua Hin's pleasures are still placid, not all that different, indeed, from those enjoyed by the aristocratic visitors of its past. That's Hua Hin - the oldest beach resort of Siam with a sense of history and a peaceful but scenic atmosphere. That's beloved Hua Hin.


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